Gabriele Bürger finds the concise form and transforms the content.
Thoughts follow sightings.

The second face follows the process of seeing and traces what triggers thinking and to what new shores these excursions lead the sighted.

1958 born in Heringen/Werra
1973 training as a hairdresser
1979 master's examination
1990 self-employment L'image GmbH
2005 training as a make-up artist
2005 film productions
since 2006 studiesat the Academy of Fine Arts in Augsburg
since 2016 studies in sculpture with Esther Pschibul

Since 2006 intensive art studies in Venice and at the Freie Kunstakademie Augsburg including a Master's degree with selected lecturers.

2020 Paper You, Sabine Kinder
2019-2020 Master's Degree - The Path to Professionalism, Rainer Kaiser
2019 Failed Images, Tania Strickrodt
2018 Monotype - Collage - The Unique, Angela Smets
2018 Artist by Vocation, Rupert Fegg
2018 Blind Date, Andrea Rozorea
2018 Free large-format drawings, Lilian Moreno Sánchez
2018 Screen printing on transparent image carriers, Rainer Kaiser
2018 Multilayered stories, Monika Kössl
2017 Year of study - from the nude to free figuration,
Bogdan Pascu, Monika Kössl,Prof. Pjotr Sonnewend, Bea Schmucker, Rainer Kaiser, Andrea Rozorea
2017 The Power of Ink, Christofer Kochs
2016 Black - White - Plus, Rainer Kaiser
2016 Oil - Wax - Collage, Rainer Kaiser
2016 Narrativ, Mariam Vogt
2016 Colour Shock or Line Fidelity?.., Esther Irina Pschibul
2016 Sculptures made of wood, Sascha Kemper
2016 Simply white, Rainer Kaiser
2016 Photography on metal, Rainer Kaiser
2016 The little colourful one, Monika Kössl
2016 On the trail of the male body, Monika Kössl
2016 Montage - Collage - Vernissage, Christopher Kochs

Since 2006 intensive study trips to Venice and with the Freie Kunstakademie Augsburg, e.g. to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Cuba, Thailand and India.